Lisa Rogers

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Lisa Rogers TV presenter

Lisa Rogers is a TV presenter, based in the United Kingdom. Lisa has presented many TV programmes ranging from sports to Top of the Pops to Scrapheap Challenge, where she attracted a healthy fan base, and she can always be called upon to have a worthwhile comment on a range of subjects when not presenting on TV. Lisa pops up every once in a while on rather obscure TV shows, with odd titles such as 100 moments you always remember, doing her professional best. Not so long ago, she was presenting a TV show in Wales on rugby but Lisa is so much more than a TV presenter though - she also acts, yet it would be rather grand to call her an actress though. She is pretty good on the box and it is clear she loves the camera and the camera quite obviously loves her. Lisa really enjoys attention and she also enjoys modelling. Mind you she has the personality necessary for modelling. Presenting on televison is her forte though, and whenever you see her in the gossip magazines, she is more often than not referred to as a TV presenter. This site has a large gallery of Lisa Rogers pictures so you can make your own mind up if Lisa should have been a model rather than what is termed a TV personality.

Lisa Rogers nude? You'll be lucky as Lisa Rogers has never modelled naked to our knowledge although she has been known to flash her boobs every once in a while. She popped up on Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels as a stripper. She presented that Vagina show too, but there wasn't even a glimpse of her vadge. Lisa is proud of her body, and she is very proud of her fabulous tits - what she calls her norks. Lisa is not just a pretty face though - and deserves to be treated as more than just a Z list celebrity. She is intelligent, and she has a university degree in drama. That's right - her background before becoming a TV presenter was drama. It would be unfair to call Lisa a drama queen though. Television is where she is at now and TV Presenting is her immediate future, although you don't see her on the box as much as you used to. The rumour that Lisa has shot some dogging videos is simply not true.

Incorrect spellings of her name include Lisa Rodgers, Liza Rogers, Lisa Roggers and Liza Rodgers. Lisa Rogers happens to be Welsh, born in Cardiff boyo, now lives in Monmouthshire yakky da and all that, but she has long since lost her Welsh accent. In fact most people think that she is a Londoner - that's what TV training does for you. You can find out much more information about her on the Lisa Rogers biography page and track her down on twitter to catch her regular tweets of her life.